The magic of Express.js

You know what I love about Node.js?  Express.js!

I’ve really been getting into Node.js lately, and I have not stopped enjoying it. I am building a fairly big application with Express.js and so far so good. Every month or two I get around to cleaning up the codebase and find myself feeling proud of it. I’m still learning more and more about Express.js, and this enables me to continuously be more organised and write cleaner code.

I get a kick out of how unopinionated it is. You structure it how you like, and that’s the beauty of it. It makes working with the backend a joy. I’ll always use Express.js and I will be an expert at it in a few years, I guarantee that.

I’d also like to put it out there that I will be learning about testing Express.js servers and about the best ways to secure your Express.js application. I will share my learnings here. More on this at a later date!

Oh wow… ⌥

In VS Code, you can highlight some code and hold down the ⌥ option key and press up or down. This is one of the simplest and most powerful techniques I’ve learnt in a long time. Wow.

The importance of reflective thinking, writing and learning

I’m going to be focusing heavily on reflective practices alongside psychometric testing over the next 6 months as I transition into full-time employment for a second time. I am currently in the process of writing a continuous professional development plan and this will be accompanied by lots of reflective writing on

I will critically analyse psychometric tests as I go.

My goal is to become more clear as to what it is that I truly desire in life and career.

Who is Jordan Peterson?

My friend recently told me about a website called – it’s essentially a website where you can journal about your past, present and future in great detail based on some questions. I am yet to take the self-examination but look forward to doing so.

The creator is a guy named Jordan Peterson. He is currently the professor of psychology at the University of Toronto in Canada. Peterson is highly academic and his background makes him a credible source. You can check out his background and education here. Along with the self-authoring suite you gain access to a journal written by Peterson. Here is an excerpt I found particularly interesting:

The first time I heard of Peterson was on Joe Rogan’s podcast (JRE), although I didn’t think much of him because usually I just listen to Rogan’s podcast for entertainment rather than education.

Once my friend had bought the self authoring examination for the both of us, I was curious to find out more about the creator. I watched his ted talk where he talks about human potential and the importance of having interests and meaning in our lives. It blew my mind. It was one of those refreshing ted talks. It’s one I’ll watch again from time to time.

Peterson is very opinionated. He recently caused an outcry in the LBGTQ community because he slammed the idea of gender neutral pronouns. Aside from that, he seems like a pretty awesome person. I’d recommend having a look at his videos. I think he’s a great storyteller and definitely wouldn’t call him ‘boring’.