Sharing our stories

Today was a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. As part of our personal transformation module we are assessed based on peer feedback. The idea was to tell your life story in a way that has an lasting impression or emotional impact.

Within the time constraint of 15 minutes, and a storyboard by our sides, we had to present what we believed made us a creative leader. We did so by going into depth about our lives and our backgrounds. It was enjoyable for some and a harrowing experience for others. Understandably, some tears were shed.

This is how the BA Business Entrepreneurship degree works. It takes you out of your comfort zone and puts you into uncomfortable situations. I’d argue that this brings about masses of value. You don’t think you’re learning (which can be quite frustrating). However, this learning by doing style is highly rewarding. From what I saw today it seems as though slowly and compounded over time, individuals will become more resilient, outspoken and ultimately confident.

The first of many…

I’m currently sitting in Sunset Surf café, Gwithian, watching the cold bodies of fal surf society members shiver whilst getting changed after what I’d describe as dismal surf. The waves are small today and the wind is strong. I didn’t join them – not my cup of tea after just returning from sunny Barcelona yesterday – what a trip that was.

A trip I will never forget, and one that somewhat inspired me to start this blog.  I’d like to say thanks to all of you who made the holiday what it was. Will G, Will S, Barney, Kai, Stefano, Freddie, Abbie, George, Hollie, Dan, Jeff, Charlie, Rowan, Francesca, Keanu – thank you all – and don’t forget about our 50 year reunion on Saturday 26 November 2067, I hope to see you all there at L’antic Teatre, Barcelona, Spain.